PRICING OF PUPPIES-The items below are considered when pricing litters
  • Female puppies are priced higher because of the potential for buyer to breed the pup.
  • Size and temperament- although most of my pups range from 4-7 pds. as adults, the smaller Yorkies naturally will cost more.
  • Increased food for the Bitch. During pregnancy and lactation, the bitch will often eat as much as four times the regular amount of food.
  • Cost of whelping supplies.
  • Tail docking.
  • Advertising
  • Extra food for puppies beginning at 4 weeks old.
  • Fecal testing and worming by veterinarian.
  • Items for puppy pen-I go beyond what many breeders do by supplying various items to help socialize my pups. Some items supplied are various toys, bones, chew stiicks, beds, stuffed animals, pee pads changed twice daily, and treats.
  • AKC litter registration
  • Puppy Gift Bag: various treats, toys and information to help you spoil your new family member.
  • Wellness exams and vaccinations by a veterinarian before sold
  • Transportation: Trips to the vet and gathering items for puppy packets.
  • Time: Bathing, socializing, potty training, grooming, vet visits, cleaning and visitation takes many hours.
Payment Information
  • A cash deposit of $350.00 will hold your puppy until time to go home. Puppies are not held without a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable. Many potential buyers will contact me during advertisement time. Once all pups have deposits, the advertisements stop and callers are told that there are no pups available. If the buyer changes his mind, more costs are incurred for additional advertising.
  • On the scheduled day to go home, the final payment is due in CASH. Checks are never accepted.
  • All sales are final, however, if I have someone that has expressed interest, I will relay the message of your pups availability.
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